Nancy Torres Kaufman


Ms. Torres Kaufman, serves as CEO of Beacon Pharmaceutical. Prior to assuming her current role, she founded and  actively leads Beacon Capital LLC  a family office backing the efforts of the Beacon Pharmaceutical Incubator. She initially  directed  Beacon Capital's  boutique advisory  strategic direction and new business development efforts. Nancy Founded Beacon  in 2009 and has more than 15 years of financial-industry experience.

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'Right-To-Try' bill for experimental drugs.  Beacon Capital is currently in confidential conversations with two prestigious academic institutions and hospitals.  The firm had the foresight to implement a strategy impending the approval of the bill.  Various join ventures to standardizing a method for offering these compassionate/ experimental treatments.  Funding the development of a global database linking pharmaceutical companies and drugs to patients.


Funding seed-stage investments in Life Science  startups.   Our platform has created a model to finance companies showing great potential for discovery and innovation.  Beacon Incubator hopes to fund 20 companies yearly.


Beacon Pharmaceutical Incubator will be an intricate part of the Center for Life Sciences & Research. Exploiting the proximity to New York City. We plan to bring in initially 50 carefully curated companies focusing on therapeutics. $1 Billion  market potential and up.  These companies will move their HQ in NY State. Working with the New York State program to bring Biotech back to the city a $1 billion  initiative

The Beacon Pharmaceutical Incubator is designed to highlight the incredible innovations taking place outside the walls of traditional pharmaceutical companies and will be an intricate part of the Center for Life Sciences & Research in New York City. We plan to initially enroll 50 carefully curated companies focusing on therapeutics, assisting the smaller players in the industry overcome R&D and financing bottlenecks

At Beacon, we are investors and partners bringing a complete solution to early-stage life science companies. We allow management teams to focus on the science that is at the root of their ambitions. The center is comprised of high-quality physical space and intellectual capital, coupled with a strong capital markets focus. This combination allows entrepreneurs to realize the full potential of their ideas. We aim to be long-term partners by aligning our success with that of the companies we incubate.


Beacon Pharmaceutical Incubator provides each company with high-quality physical space for office and research, legal and administrative support, and access to capital, market color, and regulatory strategy. We believe scientists are at their best when focusing on science, achieving milestones, and spending their intellectual capital on advancing their discoveries. Beacon provides an ideal environment for scientists to flourish.

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Beacon’s research laboratories will be unrivaled. The labs will provide life science companies with state-of-the-art opportunities. Each lab will be equipped with the finest equipment needed by our community of companies and scientists. Each shared lab will be staffed by technicians to assist the incubator firms and tenants.

The most exciting feature of all is the access to our very own contract research organization (CRO) and manufacturing facilities. This allows our incubator companies to produce their products within the same complex and the ability to grow within our research center all the way through the commercialization stage.

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Our capabilities are based on the successful careers of a team that has focused on being the best in their fields. Each senior member has years of industry experience not only in biotech and the sciences, but also in law, banking, and finance. Each team member also has notable experience as an investor. As we strengthen our management and administrative team, advisory group, and lab technicians we will look for the same drive, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit that we see in the scientists whose ideas we incubate.

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Allowing companies to focus on the science is the overriding sentiment and central ambition behind the creation of Beacon. We strongly believe that facilitating this process is one of the best ways to de-risk biopharma R&D. We help incubator firms achieve this by providing a classification appropriate environment that is clean, safe, interactive, functional, and beautiful. Independent or shared labs, office space, and common areas are all designed with the scientific community in mind. The physical space encourages interaction, collaboration, and creates a unique environment that is both fun and productive.



At Beacon, the labs will be broken into the following categories:

  1. Independent & Share Lab Space

  2. Pharmaceutical Reformulation Lab & Manufacturing

  3. Biologics Lab & Manufacturing

  4. Therapeutics Lab & Manufacturing

  5. Nasal Inhalation Lab & Manufacturing

  6. CRO



Common areas, meeting rooms, large group presentation facilities, conference facilities, and individual office space will be built using the highest standards. A fully equipped pantry, recreation rooms, meditation and yoga rooms, etc., are all designed to provide a positive, safe, and fun work environment.



At Beacon Pharma we were investors first.

Capital or lack thereof is one of the primary reasons why many a compelling IP gets shelved. At Beacon, we are laser-focused on funding with our resources or with our investment partners. Every legitimate capital need of the incubated company will be reviewed and funding will be led by our group. We will also be there to advise and assist when your company is ready to take outside capital or access the public markets. We are patient investors and understand that it often takes a while for a good idea to become a great one and we have no intention of letting a good idea fail because there was not enough capital.



Beacon Pharmaceutical Inc was established to be a premier center for life science research upholding to the principal that pharmaceutical should be accessible and affordable to all. We are located 40 minutes northwest of New York City and in the heart of the northeast’s biotech research powerhouses comprising the states of New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Beacon has designed a state-of-the-art biotechnology research and development center, combining the latest technology in laboratory facilities with excellent infrastructure. The whole facility is designed to attract life science companies into the state of New York and to provide a support system for these companies to continue to operate and thrive in New York State. The incubator is designed to accelerate drug discovery and shorten the time to market, to invest in cutting-edge technologies, and to promote innovative life science therapeutics. The incubator front office will be conveniently located in New York City to allow companies to meet with investors and service providers. A shuttle will support the commute between the front office and back office.

The back-office service facilities are in picturesque Suffern, NY with convenient access to New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. While the location is close to major metropolitan centers, it provides a much lower cost of living and more appealing economic incentives for start-up companies, such as lowering operational costs. We offer both local and state incentives, which makes our initiative very attractive for small life science companies looking to be established near world-class lab space, institutions hosting clinical trials, and a financial community of investors specializing in biotech/pharmaceutical transactions. Our program will feature two office/laboratory buildings that are fully equipped and designed with infrastructure ideal for high-level biomedical research to foster innovation and drive immediate productivity. Beacon Pharmaceutical Incubator will be equipped to host and invest in cutting-edge companies to bring in promising businesses and allow them to grow and thrive in the great state of New York.