Nancy Torres Kaufman


Ms. Torres Kaufman serves as CEO of Beacon Pharmaceutical. Prior to assuming her current role, she founded and continues to lead Beacon Capital LLC, a family office backing Beacon Pharmaceutical Incubator, as head of investments & CEO. She previously directed Beacon Capital's boutique advisory strategic direction and new business development efforts. Nancy Founded Beacon in 2009 and has more than 15 years of financial-industry experience


Nancy is a serial entrepreneur and investor. She fled from Cuba to the US alone at the tender age of 14 in a raft in hopes of becoming a Beacon for her family. Nancy excelled in academics and was awarded a full academic scholarship, a 7-year accelerated program between the College of St. Elizabeth and UMDNJ. This is the foundation of her Biology and Chemistry background. Nancy also attended the New York University Stern School of Business.

Nancy started her first business at the age of 12 baking cakes from her home-based bakery in Havana, Cuba.  Her entrepreneurial efforts led to the sale of her first company at the age of 26, Wall St. Mortgage, sold to Countywide Home Loans prior to the financial crisis in early 2008. Nancy  has worked on Wall St. as an analyst to attain knowledge of the capital markets, then briefly worked at Georgia Malone where she obtained a basic background in commercial real estate. She later joined the rigorous, fast-paced environment at a boutique investment bank focused on Latin American transactions. Acquiring a wealth of experience as the right hand to CEO Violy McCausland, having had the opportunity to work on deals, such as the 2010 $1 billion debt restructuring transaction between the Polanco Family’s Grupo Prisa and Liberty Acquisition Holdings, led by Martin Franklin and Nicolas Berggruen and many more.

At Beacon Pharma, Nancy is responsible for the overall direction of the Beacon Pharma Incubator strategy and generating new JV’s and philanthropic initiatives. Nancy is an active board member of Ohr Simcha, a non-profit helping orphan children in Israel have a happy fulfilling home life, and Montessori Model UN School, an NGO inspiring youth internationally to create a better world by replicating the United Nations’ approach toward policy deliberation and position development within committee sessions, based upon in-depth advanced preparation and simulation activities.