Beacon Pharmaceutical Jupiter, LLC is developing a portfolio of biologics manufacturing facilities with a focus on the Florida geographic region.  The first facility will via located in  Jupiter, Florida a private-public partnership with the town of Jupiter, Florida. We are developing a  Smart state-of-the-art, LEED life science research and development complex.  Upon completion, the project will house the Beacon Accelerator,  a life sciences incubator, which will provide resident biotechnology companies with access to advanced R&D and cGMP manufacturing infrastructure resources for the production of existing and novel, clinical and commercial biologics (therapeutic protein-based humanized drugs).


Global events have highlighted the immediate and urgent need for US-centric biotechnology facilities, which can research, develop, manufacture, and ultimately, get new therapeutics rapidly and efficiently through the FDA approval process. The life sciences industry is evolving rapidly, and under increasing pressure to produce advanced therapeutics and vaccines targeting; Oncology, Central Nervous System related diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson, ALS, Immunology,  Cardiology, aging, rare and infectious diseases. The aim is to produce a diversified pipeline of preventative, regenerative, and disease-altering drugs in the US.



Beacon Pharmaceutica Life Science portfolio has been envisaged to provide life science companies with state-of-the-art facilities. Each lab will be equipped with the finest equipment needed by our community of companies, scientists, and engineers. Shared labs will be staffed with technicians to assist the accelerator partner companies.

The most exciting feature is the access to our partnership with a world-class  CDMO. This facility will provide the accelerator partner companies with pilot batches at a reasonable cost for clinical trials through commercial production while navigating scalability.

Beacon - Accelerator is an operations company designed to highlight the incredible innovations taking place outside the walls of traditional pharmaceutical companies.  We plan to initially enroll 50-70 carefully curated companies focusing on therapeutics, assisting the smaller players in the industry to overcome R&D, financing, regulatory, and manufacturing bottlenecks.

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 Partnering with Companies

Beacon Pharmaceutical Jupiter –  Opening its facility in the ecosystem home to Florida Atlantic University, Max Planck, and Scripps Institutes on the southeast coast; providing a US-centric real estate platform to expand the research and development of therapeutics,  improving healthcare, and wellness.  Beacon's goal is to expedite drug to market time while reducing cost and improving R&D methods via cross borders collaborations. We aim to attract life science companies from around the globe to reside in the US. while building a portfolio of diversified assets. Our goal is to supply basic therapeutic solutions for everyday life challenges via our facility and accelerator partner companies located in Jupiter, Florida, USA.

At Beacon, we are a partner bringing a complete solution to wellness and pharmaceutical research, with a focus on early-to-late-stage life science companies. We encourage management teams to focus on the science at the root of their ambitions. The center is comprised of high-quality physical space, intellectual capital, life science advisory, cGMP manufacturing, coupled with a strong capital markets focus. This combination allows entrepreneurs to realize the full potential of their ideas. We aim to be long-term partners by aligning our success with that of the companies we accelerate.