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Beacon Pharmaceutical Global Health Initiative (BPGHI) – Providing a global platform to expand access to healthcare and wellness via our proprietary product pipeline.  While expediting drug to market time, improving R&D methods through cross borders collaborations. Our goal is to supply basic healthcare solutions.
At Beacon, we are investors and partners bringing a complete solution to  global wellness and pharmaceutical research, with a focus on early-stage life science companies. We encourage management teams to focus on the science  at the root of their ambitions. The center is comprised of high-quality physical space and intellectual capital, coupled with a strong capital markets focus. This combination allows entrepreneurs to realize the full potential of their ideas. We aim to be long-term partners by aligning our success with that of the companies we incubate.
The Beacon - Accelerator  is designed to highlight the incredible innovations taking place outside the walls of traditional pharmaceutical companies and will be an intricate part of the Center for Life Sciences & Research in Jupiter, Florida. We plan to initially enroll 50 carefully curated companies focusing on therapeutics, assisting the smaller players in the industry overcome R&D and financing bottlenecks.


Beacon’s research laboratories will be unrivaled. The labs will provide life science companies with state-of-the-art facilities. Each lab will be equipped with the finest equipment needed by our community of companies, scientists, and engineers. Shared labs will be staffed with technicians to assist the accelerator firms and tenants.

The most exciting feature is the access to our CMO manufacturing facilities. These facilities will provide accelerator companies and the Beacon Community Members worldwide a venue to produce their products at reasonable cost  from pilot batches through scale-up for commercial production.

BPGHI Portfolio Companies

BPGHI BURGEONING SCIENTIFIC INNOVATION AND DISCOVERY ON A GLOBAL SCALE.  Providing an ideal environment for cross borders collaboration of community, governments, companies, scientists, and engineers.

THE BEACON-ACCELERATOR: Hosting life Science, biotech companies Beacon Pharmaceutical Accelerator provides each company with high-quality physical space for office and research, legal and administrative support, and access to capital, market color, and regulatory strategy. We believe scientists are at their best when focusing on science, achieving milestones, and spending their intellectual capital on advancing their discoveries to provide them with regulatory, corporate and financial resources to get their products to the public.   The accelerator will expand across the globe to encourage global scientific and tech collaboration. 


THE BEACON PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING (CMO):  The facility will provide all manufacturing, R&D, and scientific research.  The Beacon Center for Life Science & Research will house all manufacturing & research activities for the BPGHI portfolio of companies.  The Center will provide manufacturing capabilities in the form of CMO for pilot and commercial cGMP pharmaceutical products to accelerator companies at a discounted rate.

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